Atlanta Catholic Institute for Youth Ministers


It has been six months since we hosted the Catholic Institute for Youth Ministers in September 2016.

Thanks to your $1,000 donation we were able to welcome part time youth ministers to the event. Since the Institute, a Facebook group was created were we keep the communication going after the event.


We were able to gather with a few of our participants during the NCCYM (2016). By leading them in their first professional conference, they were able to gain much more from their experience.


To provide you with an idea of how effective the Institute for Catholic Youth Ministers, I send some questions to the participants and these are their responses:

How likely is that you would recommend ICYM to another Youth Minister

  • Very Likely: 90 %
  • Likely: 10%

Overall, how would you rate the Institute for Catholic Youth Ministers?

  • Excellent: 45.45
  • Very Good: 27.27
  • Good: 18.18
  • Fair: 9.09

Prior to CIYM, how much of the information that you needed did you get

  • Most of the Information: 50%
  • Some of the Information: 40%
  • A little of the information: 10%

How valuable did you find the information of the CIYM to help you in your ministry?

  • I found it very helpful: 72.73%
  • It was what I expected: 27.27%



During this past six months the issues that came up during my visits with the participants were:

  • How I can ask my pastor that I need a raise?
  • I don’t know how to talk with my pastor?
  • What program should I follow?
  • I don’t know how to recruit volunteers?
  • Youth Ministers with groups of 200 teens keep tapping at the same 20 teens for events. How to reach out to the full youth community in my parish.


A group of twenty youth ministers, eight of them from the ICYM were part of the planning for our Middle School Catholic Fest 2017 with 800 teens participating. For a year we worked together specially in partnering an experienced YM with a new YM for the different roles and the result was visible! This year we had a great team working together!


As the Associate Director for Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of Atlanta, I can testify this was a great way for us to introduce our New Youth Ministers into a better mentality of how this ministry works. This was our first year doing it and the results are very visible.

We are planning to offer ICYM again in September 2017, in case you want to partner with us again. And for 2018 we are planning to take 50 youth ministers to NCCYM in Tampa.

Very appreciative of your generous donation and passion for the young church,

Katherine Angulo

Associate Director of Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of Atlanta