2022 Shine On Grant Recipients

The following Shine On Grants were awarded in 2022. The next round of Shine On Grants will begin on July 1, 2023. Click here to apply.

  • Ministry Training Source-MTS is asking for an additional $5000 to help fund the second part of their 2-part research Examining Network Vulnerability Amidst a Web of Ministries: A Pastoral Study on Youth and Young Adult Ministry Leaders.  This study is a 2 phased approach to understand the changing realities of youth and young adult ministerial leadership. We funded the first phase with a gift of $5000. We recommend funding phase 2.

The Ministry Training Source was awarded a grant of $5,000 from The Mark D. Pacione Foundation.

  • Operation Mato Grosso (OMG) is asking for $6859.26 to purchase tools for a new group they have formed in the Baltimore area.  This group works with college and high school age individuals here in the United States to raise money to fund missions in South America. “OMG is an international effort to serve the most vulnerable and needy in South America by engaging in a collective desire to love others and give one’s life to something greater. OMG groups raise money by doing jobs in the community in which 100% of the proceeds are sent to the missions in our neighboring continent.” The young people in this group are forming a community of disciples to give their lives to something greater by becoming servants to their brothers and sisters here in this country and in South America.  We recommend granting the full amount to this request.

Operation Mato Grosso was awarded a grant of $6,859.26 from The Mark D. Pacione Foundation.

  • St Agnes Hospital Pediatric ER is asking for $1000 to purchase books for the children who come to the ER.  We have funded this in the past and recommend we keep supporting this endeavor.   

St. Agnes Hospital Pediatric ER was awarded a grant of $1,000 from The Mark D. Pacione Foundation.